Simply Sheets Fundraising
About Us


Simply Sheets Fundraising began as a team of fundraising professionals looking for an alternative solution for the common fundraising theme of “low value for the supporters”. There is a high demand for “something new” echoing across the meeting rooms of parent-teachers
associations, churches, and boosters nationwide. The team at Simply Sheets Fundraising discovered a solution.

  • A simple and efficient fundraising program; providing a NEEDED high quality product at an affordable price.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • No investment costs or minimum quantities.
  • Customized packing according to sellers for easy distribution.
  • No nonsense warranty. 

               Enjoy the refreshing experience of letting your product do the selling.

Whether you are a seasoned fundraising workforce or new to the scene; our product is field proven to be a perfect addition to any fundraising schedule and establish a consistent source of revenue for any organization.